Greg Pratt (gregoryrpratt) wrote in baseballfans,
Greg Pratt

I was watching ESPN the other day. PTI. Apparently, Jonathan Papelbon, who also goes by the name of "God" if you haven't been paying attention, has blown a couple of saves lately, and ESPN ran a few segments asking, "SHOULD THE RED SOX BE WORRIED ABOUT PAPELBON!!!!!!" It really bothered me. In the entire first half of the season, BJ Ryan had only blown one save, versus my White Sox. Where's his segment asking if the Sox "broke him" and Toronto should worry?

ESPN is an absolute sham of a network, and to a point, I feel sorry for players outside of NY, Boston, St. Louis, and sometimes the Northside of Chicago. Justin Verlander is my Rookie of the Year, but I'll bet God gets it because ESPN is always slurping him.

This year, I'm mighty impressed by the Florida Marlins. Hell of a team, hell of a franchise. I'm a White Sox fan first, Braves fan second, but man, the Marlins make it hard to be a Brave fan when they've got such exciting, young, inexpensive baseball. Pittsburgh and Kansas City can cry "Poor" all they want, Florida doesn't, and I'm impressed by that. (Don't get me wrong. I personally think it'll be a great day in baseball history when KC or Pittsburgh win the WS again.)

I think Cuban baseball is exciting, and Cuban baseball players impressive. I think that it's a shame that Jose Contreras and Orlando Hernandez and Livan Hernandez will never make the Hall of Fame because they spent the prime years of their lives playing in Cuba. Those guys are excellence in every sense of the word.
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