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Greg Pratt


The White Sox rallied to get Scott Podsednik into the All-Star Game last year as the "thirty second man." After the Manager, Players, and fans vote, five people are selected to be the third second man. That was good Spod Almighty last year. This year, it's AJ Pierzynski.

AJ has helped bring a World Series to Chicago. He plays the game hard, and gives it his all. He's been derided by some as the most hated player in baseball not named Barry Bonds. Who cares what those people think?

Go to, and cast votes for AJ as the thirty second man for the AL. Do it for me. Why? Because I asked you to. Whether you like baseball or not, cast a dozen or two votes. That's all I ask. If you did more, that'd be great. I, and several friends, will be voting every spare moment we get, as there's no vote limit. If you can put in a few, that'd be wonderful. But help me help my team. Let's get it done.

Help me. I'm asking nicely, and I am sincere. If I could do something for you, I would. Help me get our deserving catcher in.
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