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New Guy, Hoping to draw some thunder from this rant!

Has anyone even watched "Bonds on Bonds" or as I like to call it "Bonds on 'My last chance to change the minds of millions of P-O'ed fans who respect the game'". Heres the harsh truth Barry...No one cares about how good of a family man you are. I dont want to see you mop floors in your house. I dont want to see your "rigorous workout routine" and i certainly dont want to see you playing with your children. I admit, it is very nice to see a father playing with his son. That part of it is reputable and just when I start to develop a sense of humanity for Barry...I remember..."OH THATS RIGHT! The only reason why he's showing us this is so we can feel bad for him because he cheated and wont admit it". Yes Jason and Jeremy Giambi did do it. But the difference between Jason and Barry is that Jason had the stones to admit what he did and tell the world it was wrong and apologize on national TV and guess what, without the "juice" Giambi still has 5 Bell Ringers. Remind me again how many Barry has. Bottom line is, his body is deteriorating because all of those human growth hormones that your body ISN'T suppose to have inside it. Great job Barry!!! You were going to be a Hall of Famer anyways because of your talent but you've successfully darkened a once bright blue sky for MLB. My Congrats and Condolences to your tainted career. I'm out!!


Fav. All time Hitter:Mickey Mantle
Fav. All time Pitcher:Sandy Koufax
Fav. All time Team:1996 NY Yankees
Fav. Current Team: NY Yankees
Fav. Current Player: Albert Pujols (5 tool player, not too many of those)
Least Fav Team: Red Sox
Least Fav Player: (see above rant)

The subject is there fire away folks...more of these to come!
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