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My fellow baseball comrades...2006 is an amazing year, or will be at least. It's the change of an era, a change in the times of superstars.

Jeff Bagwell is gone.
Sammy Sosa is gone.
Rafael Palmeiro is gone.
Frank Thomas will soon be gone.
Barry Bonds will soon be gone and/or put in prison.

And soon we'll see the demises of guys like Gary Sheffield, Jeff Kent, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Randy Johnson, Moises Alou, Greg Maddux, and we may have already seen the last of Roger Clemens; we'll get 3-4 more months at the most.

Superstars and household baseball names are being replaced, or will be soon for that matter. Grady Sizemore, Josh Willingham, Victor Martinez, Jhonny Peralta, Jeremy Hermida, Joe Mauer, Matt Murton, Brian Roberts, Jose Reyes, Chone Figgins, Jason Bay, Mark Teixera, and Chase Utley are just a handful of young, promising stars that may carry the torches of the afore-mentioned stars of the past 15-20 years. This is a huge segway we're watching, and to me it's very exciting.

Lets hope egos surpass the young guys and baseball can be baseball once again.
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